ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation


Mil-Ver Metals are very proud to announce that the company has achieved full accreditation to the Environmental standard ISO 14001.

Being fully accredited to this standard gives Mil-Ver the following benefits :


Cost Control.

Reduction in environmental management costs associated with waste management, processing, disposal, and site remediation as well as the costs associated with raw materials and energy consumption can be reduced or eliminated.


Customer Confidence.

ISO 14001 gives additional confidence not just to customers, suppliers and the regulatory authorities, but gives assurance to the local and wider communities that the company has processes and practices which are of the highest standard.


Increases in Employee Efficiency and Involvement.

The ISO14001 management system will facilitate more consistent, efficient, and effective internal operations due to greater employee involvement. Our effective EMS can result in more efficient communications both inside and outside the company


We would like to sincerely thank all our employees who have helped us achieve this accreditation which now forms the platform for future development at Mil-Ver.